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General Litigation

We can assist you with any litigious matters as required. We are here to help you both pre-trial, by drafting any judicial letters or other interpellatory letters as necessary, as well during trial itself, by filing any lawsuit or official reply to a lawsuit filed by any plaintiff against you, or any other judicial act as necessary.

Intellectual Property & Corporate Matters

We are here to help you protect your intellectual property (IP) by safeguarding your rights. IP rights are trademarks, patents, copyright and designs. Whether you already own any IP right, or you are interested in becoming a proprietor, we can always help.

Employment Contracts

We can support you with your employment contracts – whether you are an employer who needs help with drafting an employment contract, or an employee / potential employee seeking advice, we are happy to help.

Terms & Conditions / Non-Disclosure Agreements

We can formulate Terms & Conditions (T&Cs) or Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) as necessary for your business.

T&Cs are the set of rules one must sign to be able to benefit form the service or product you are offering.

An NDA is an agreement entered into between two or more parties, who confirm in writing not to disclose confidential information they have shared with one other as a necessary part of doing business together.

Drafting of POAs and BOD resolutions / Company Formations

We can assist with the preparation and drafting of a Power of Attorney (POA). A POA is a document by which one authorizes another person to act on his behalf in private affairs, business or any other legal matter.

We can prepare a Board of Directors’ Resolution (BOD) as necessary. A BOD is a document prepared and signed by all the directors forming the board of directors of a company, whereby a motion is confirmed in writing by all.

We can also assist with other company matters such as company formations.

Lease / Rental Agreements

We are also happy to help you with the preparation and drafting of any lease or rental agreements. If you own a property and want to rent it out, or you are a potential lessee, we can help you.